A bonus code is an incentive offered by an online casino in order to attract new players, keep existing players interested in their brand and ultimately boosts your game play with additional funds.

Are offered in the form of free spins, loyalty rewards, discounts, deposit matches and so forth.4

Often accompanied by specific terms and conditions such as wagering requirements or a minimum deposit.

Different types of casino bonus codes- welcome bonus code, deposit/no deposit bonus codes, cashback, loyalty and extra spins.

There are a wide variety of bonus codes available via casinos as well as their affiliates, so players are sure you to find bonuses/bonus codes that will suit their preferences.




500BONUS- First deposit bonus off 500% up to R5000

ZARWELCOME- Deposit to receive a 200% match bonus up to R15,000

ZARGAME- Get 100 free spins immediately

150BARRELL- 150 free spins on every R120 deposit to play on “Well Oil Be”

NDC350- R350 free no deposit bonus



ZARTUES- 60% match bonus up to R4,000 on 2 deposits

ZARWED- 75% match bonus up to R3,000 on 2 deposits

ZARTHURS- 85% match deposit up to R5,000 on 3 deposits


WEEKEND CASHBACK BONUSES- bonuses accounting  to R25,000 and 60 free spins

ZARSAT01- 85% match up to R5,000- can be used twice

ZARSAT02- 60 free spins on “Aladdins Loot”

ZARSUM- 90% match up to R5,000- can be used 3 times

50JOIN- 50 free spins on “Double Trouble” as a no deposit bonus

350LUCK- 350% up to R3,500 match bonus applicable on 1st deposit






BUDGET BOOSTER-players can choose from one of the following bonuses per day (free spins to be played on “Big Game”

            ZAR75- Deposit R25-R49 and claim 75% and 15 free spins

ZAR100- Deposit R50-R99 and claim 100% and 20 free spins

ZAR125- Deposit R100-R149 and claim 125% and 25 free spins

ZAR150- Deposit R150-R199 and claim 150% and 30 free spins

ZAR175- Deposit R200-R299 and claim 175% and 35 free spins

ZAR225- Deposit R300 or more and claim 225% and 50 free spins


BFC192- $19 free chips

BFC50ZR- 50 free spins on “Destiny Wild”

BFC30ZR- 30 free spins on “Destiny Wild”

40PATH- 40 free spins on “Destiny wild”

ULTIMATE- 30 free spins on “Destiny Wild”

MATE50- 50 free spins on “Big Game”

MATE300- 300% match bonus on 1st deposit of R25

BDC45ZR- R45 free chips

COSMIC- 40 free spins on “Tales of Time Travel”

ZRGAMCITY70- 70 free spins

BFC25ZR- 25 free spins on “Charmz”

BFC39ZR- R39 free chips

LCBVEGAS60- 6 free spins on “Vegas Triple Play Deluxe”

FREEDELUXE- 49 free spins on “Vegas Triple Slot”

BFC40ZR- 40 free spins on “Tales of The Travel”

PRIZE70- 70 free spins

210PRIZE- 70 free spins on “Big Game”

BIGZAR- 100 free spins on “Big Game”

CLEOFREE- 99 free spins on the “The Last Pharoah”

CLEOLUCK- 199% match bonus up to R1999

MUMMY49- 49 free spins on “The Last Pharoah”

MUMMY149- 149% match bonus up to R1999

350FM- R350 free chips

RF252- R252 free chips

R300FREE- R300 free chips

PRO50- 50 free spins on “Big Game”

50JOIN- 50 free spins on “Double Trouble”

PLAY250- R250 free chips

APRIL49- R49 free chips


The following bonus codes have up to 260 free spins on “Big Game” and up to 200% match bonus







ZARMON1- 50 % up to R5000 on 1st deposit

ZARMON2- 65% up to R5000 on 2nd deposit

ZARMON3- 75% up to R5000 on 3rd deposit

ZARMON4- 50 free spins on “7 Chakras”

ZARFRI101- 85% up to R4000 on 1st deposit

ZARFRI102- 90% up to R4000 on 2nd deposit

ZARFRI103- 95% up to R4000 on 3rd deposit

ZARFRI104- 100 free spins on “Pina Nevada”



Bonus codes are used for different reason by players, casinos/their affiliates and marketing agencies.

Casinos use bonus codes to promote and track offers, see which offers are popular and which campaigns perform the best and they are then able to improve upon these offers.

Marketing agencies use bonus codes to offer exclusive casino deals, to build and promote their brand and track marketing campaigns- they receive commission when their advertising gets players to the associated casino.

Players use bonus codes in order to benefit from joining, for being loyal players, to enjoy free play/games/spins or discounts while exploring the casino and getting a feel for what it has to offer.



– Register an account at

– Login to your account

– Go to “Deposit”

– Select the deposit option and choose your preferred deposit option

– Enter your details and enter your bonus code

– Make a deposit

-Start playing