List of all Betting Bonuses South Africa

South Africa bet sites bonuses

The online sports betting scene in South Africa is booming and many of the leading platforms offer top-notch first time deposit bonuses.

Here are some of the top bet sites in the country and details on their welcome bonus:

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 50%

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 150% up to R600.

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 100%

First time deposit bonus: No.

First time deposit bonus: Yes: 100%

First time deposit: Yes. R25 welcome bonus.

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 100% up to R10 000.

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 100% up to R1000

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 100% up to R500

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 100% up to R2000

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 125% up to R1000

First time deposit bonus: Yes. 100% up to R2000

First time deposit bonus: No.


  1. is one of the key players in the online sports betting community in South Africa and is proving a popular destination for punters across the country. See supabets bonuses

The site offers a host of other promotions and is one of the most professional and slick on the market.

They do not offer a large welcome bonus, and punters can only expect a 50% increase on their initial pay-in. This essentially breaks down to a punter depositing R100 and they will receive an additional R50 that has to be rolled over at least five times, before eligible for withdrawal.


Eazibet is one of the newcomers to the South African online sports betting industry in South Africa, but based on their successful ventures throughout the continent, they are making strides in building their client base.

Eazibet platforms across Africa are extremely promotion-rich and the SA version is of the same ilk.

Eazibet South Africa offers a ‘first time deposit’ bonus of 150%, which essentially means that if a punter deposits R100 then R250 will reflect on their bet wallet. The maximum amount to be earned for this promo is R600. Terms and conditions apply, including the punter having to toll amount over five times and at odds of 1.8/1 or higher.

  1. is a decent online sports betting site operating in South Africa and while it does not have the brand names of some of the more established platforms, they offer promotions, a welcome bonus and a high-end bet market.

The site offers a 100% first time deposit bonus, meaning a R100 initial payment will yield the punter R200. The terms and conditions of this particular bonus can be found on their web and mobi site.


Sportpesa is one of the most well-known international sports betting companies, and their high profile sponsorship of soccer teams in the English premier League means that they get plenty of marketing exposure.

This does not always correlate into a portal that delivers and the South African version, is conspicuously devoid of promotions. According to the site, it seems they do not offer a first time deposit bonus nor a FICA bonus.

Sportpesa UK among many other affiliates across the world do offer a form of a welcome bonus, but the South African portal is trailing in this regard.

There are no promotional banners on landing page, and no link for a promotions page, so the punter is left in no doubt that they join the site for their bet-markets more than for rewards or extra win opportunities.

  1. is one of the fastest growing online sports betting sites in South Africa and they offer a top-notching bet market, decent promotions and importantly a 100% welcome bonus.

Betxchange offers punters a ‘match your deposit’ bonus of up to R1000 as advertised on their landing page. However, if a punter goes into the bonus link at the bottom right hand of the screen they will see the terms and conditions, and there they offer a maximum bonus of R10 000. This is slightly confusing marketing, but if that offer is valid, it makes it one of the larger max deposits in the country.

Essentially this is a 100% welcome bonus and means if a punter deposits R500 they will receive R1000 into their betting account on the platform. Terms and conditions apply,

There is a caveat in that a punter will have to play 10 times their deposit amount to qualify for the bonus, also at odds of above 1/1.

  1. is one of the most popular and used online sports betting platforms in South Africa and apart from their very visible physical outlets, their online presence is growing.

The site is becoming a go-to for punters across all sports codes, but especially in the football industry. The site breaks the industry norm and offers a flat R25 welcome bonus as opposed to a percentage amount, as offered by almost all competitors. (see hollywoodbet bonus code)

The R25 bonus must be used within 24 hours of activation of account, which also bucks the industry trend. The site relies heavily on brand name and can thus afford to offer a relatively paltry first time deposit bonus.

The one good news is that the bonus can be used to bet on very low odds events, with a minimum set at 0.5/1.

Punters need only place one bet to earn from this reward.

  1. is fast becoming a port of call for new and discerning punters alike in the South African online betting industry.

The site runs many promotions and one of the most promising, and rewarding is their 100% first time deposit bonus, with a maximum reward payment of up to R10 000. See all WSB betting bonuses.

This is a large maximum reward and many punters will be keen to give a chance just because of this feature.

The site states that a punter can only qualify for the reward if they play five times their initial deposit. This means that if a bet-maker deposits R500, they will need to put in a further R2500 to eligible for the bonus. When this threshold is met, they will obviously be able to play with and be allowed to draw out their original 100% bonus, in the example meaning R500.

  1. is growing into a major brand player in the world of online sports betting in South Africa and is affiliated to one of the biggest betting franchises in the country. They offer a first time deposit bonus of 100% with a maximum of up to R1000. See all Sunbet Bonuses.

The welcome bonus is well advertised on their landing page and is shown by a large banner, exhorting their first deposit featured promo.

This is not the largest welcome bonus in the industry but is on par with most of its competitors.

  1. is an extremely popular online sports betting platform and benefits from a large television advertising budget.

The site offers a range of promotions and importantly a punter can earn a first time deposit bonus of 100%. The only downside is the size of the maximum deposit, in the case of it is only set at R500.

There are some good points, with the punter having a 30 day period to use the reward, while the bet-maker only has to turn three bets over to be eligible.

  1. purports to be the most popular online sports betting site in South Africa and while they can lay that claim, they face stiff opposition in a crowded market place. See all sportingbet bonuses

The site not only offers a wide variety of bet-markets and promotions but also provides the opportunity for the punter to earn a 1000% first time deposit bonus, up to a maximum of R2000. The site states on its landing page that the punter has to roll bet over three times at odds of no less than 1.5/1 – over a period of 30 days once making initial deposit as a first time user.


The betway sports betting brand is well-known through the continent and South African users can access one of the most popular portals and enjoy high-end promotions and bonuses.

The site offers a large first time deposit bonus of 125%, up to a maximum of R1000. Get the Betway South Africa Sign Up Code

Another plus is that a punter only needs to place one bet, at odds of 1.8/1 or higher to lay claim to the earnings. This is one of the largest percentage welcome bonuses in the country and is also one of the very few that offers only one contest to be eligible to claim.

  1. is an up and coming online sports betting site in South Africa and while it does not have the same traction and following of many of its leading competitors the platform is making strides.

Many times the ambition of a site is made transparent by the welcome bonus, and offers a first time deposit bonus of 100% with a maximum of R2000 being up for grabs when using this promotion.

A downside is that there are no discernible details regarding the terms and conditions of this bonus, even though a punter must tick whether they have read the T’s and C’s before signing up.

The site’s main T&C’s also does not mention the welcome bonus so clarity on rollover bets and odds to qualify are scant.

  1. are on the lower scale of quality online sports betting sites in South Africa with bet-markets, quality of site and lack of promotions serious stumbling blocks.

The site, after scrutiny, does not seem to offer a first time deposit bonus, or any bonus in fact and this is a real let down for potential new customers.

A welcome bonus is par for the course in many countries and South Africa is no exception, and if the site does have a first time deposit bonus, it is not visible to a potential new client, and hence essentially non-applicable.