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Betting Bonus Types

Most online betting sites in South Africa offer a range of betting bonuses. These can include:
– Welcome Bonuses (also referred to as a First Deposit Bonus)
– Free Welcome Bets / Sign Up Bets
– FICA Bonuses
– Free Bets for different betting products
– Odds boosts
– Multibet bonuses
– CashBack Bonuses
– Refer a friend Bonuses
– No deposit bonuses

Many punters go from site to site trying to maximise earning potential by cashing in all of the bonus offers, and then they will play the amount according to the site’s terms and conditions and may consolidate the entire e-wallet into their favourite two sites. You can find the complete list of all betting bonuses here, and our most popular are the Betway Free Bet and the Hollywoodbets Sign Up Bonus.

The art of this strategy on behalf of the site developers is to make their platform the best with regard to continuing promotions such as a ‘refer a friend’ bonus, loyalty bonuses and cash boosts and the offering of free bets among others.

Sites change promotions throughout the year, and some are event specific (Soccer World Cup, FA Cup and more), while others are staple features.

Here are the most popular betting bonuses

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus, otherwise referred to as a ‘first time deposit bonus’ is arguably the most popular and widely used promotional bonus as it offers the punter a chance to ostensibly double up on their first deposit.

Many of the leading betting sites offer a 100% welcome deposit bonus, which essentially means if you deposit R1000 then they you receive an additional R1000 to play with. There are different rules regarding the amount of times this amount has to be rolled over in order to cash it out, while there are also differences between sites on the amount of odds that are the lowest to claim this bonus. However most betting sites will not let you withdraw the welcome bonus until you have met certain criteria.

Many sites offer the deposit bonus on the terms of playing five different wagers, with a minimum odds of 1.5/1 and above. Many punters will steer away from sites without a ‘welcome bonus’ so this is almost industry standard practice across the globe. There are a few regions that do not offer this bonus, but they generally occur in isolation.

Refer a friend Bonus

This form of rewarding loyal clients who refer new customers to the site is universally popular, but not always universally applied. The premise of the promotion is that an existing client will receive a bonus amount in their bonus wallet, for referring a new player, who registers and then also makes a first deposit.

The beauty of the ‘referral’ system is that it is unlimited and the more a client drums up support and markets the site, the higher the financial rewards. There are terms and conditions for each site regarding this promo, but it is generally well-received in the bet-community.

Multibet Bonuses

Multibet bonuses, work by increasing the bonus amount the more legs/events that are added to the bet slip. Many sites offer the multibet bonuses as a means promote multi-leg betting. This form of bets means the odds on winning the wager are extremely low, but the pay-outs are substantial. The additional cash boost will only add to the big win. An example for a major site to offer an extra 50% boost to the winnings, but that is only applicable for bets of over 25 sporting contests.

Free bets

This is another popular online sports betting promotion and is used by betting sites across the globe. There are some countries that are fierce advocates of this promo, while other regions do not even bother. The punter can earn free bets according to various terms and conditions of each promotion offering this service. Some sites use free bets as part of their ‘welcome’ bonus while they appear in subtly different forms in many other promotions, such as the cash back. Instead of getting the money back on this promo (when a customer loses a bet and earns a percentage back) the punter will be offered a free bet on their next stake. These free bets are all subject to event-specific terms and conditions and punters are advised to read the small print.

Stake Back

This is a form of promotions that rewards both ‘true fans’ and newcomers alike. Many sites have a ‘True Fan Stake Back’ promotion and the essence of this promo is that a punter will get back a percentage of the original stake if they have bet on a win, and the other opponents win. There is no stake back for a draw. This is just an example, but most stake-backs work in similar vein. The return percentage for this loss wavers between 15 and 35% depending on which platform is being used, and the respective promotional items they are running at any given moment.

Loyalty Bonus

Some of the leading online sports betting sites in SA offer a loyalty bonus for existing customers, who have by way of following all the terms and conditions, qualified to be a winner in an SMS/E-Mail competition for example. To qualify to be a loyalty member, a punter normally has to play very regularly and have an active account that sees plenty of action.

FICA Bonus

South Africa is the only country where betting sites that offer what is called a FICA bonus. All players in South Africa need to FICA their betting accounts, typically on registration or first withdrawal. To encourage punters to register for FICA, betting sites offer a FICA Bonus. This is typically along the lines of a fixed amount to be placed into your betting wallet once you have successfully completed the FICA process.

Promo Codes

Some betting sites also offer promo codes. These are codes that you enter typically when you register on a betting site. By entering the correct promo code, you qualify for the relevant bonus which is typically applied to your bonus wallet. These are very popular internationally, and slowly gaining traction in South Africa.

Popular Promo Codes

The most popular betting sites with promo codes include: