Lottostar Free Bets and Bonuses

LottoStar South Africa is a recent addition to the world of online sports betting in South Africa and is gaining traction in a fast-growing market place. The site offers lottery play from around the world and punters can stand a chance to win life-changing amounts. Take a look at the Lottostar Jackpot Race, or register with Betway. is based on the premise of many world leading lottery sites and becoming a member will earn bonus promotions and free bets. Lots of people are now on Lottostar to play slots. As such we have launched a slots site called WinSlots.

Registration is simple and straightforward. Simply Click “Register” on the website’s upper menu and then fill in the required details.

The registration process for is comprehensive as is almost all South African betting sites, which are proscribed by stringent legislation. This includes a FICA document needs to be done to qualify to play. This FICA takes the form of a bank statement, proof of address and a copy of your identity document.

The following are some key points a punter must be aware of when registering on this site; name, mobile number, e-mail address, actual physical address, work address, work phone number, date of birth, fax number, user name, password and how they heard about the site.

Once you received a confirmation email a punter can immediately top up their personal account and start playing.

There are a host f different Lottostar promo codes and different sign up bonuses. The most popular being its Facebook signup bonus.  As an example, a bettor can sign in on Facebook then invite your friends.

The punter will be credited points for every successful invitation. The points received can be converted into money, so if you have a healthy Facebook following you can make quite a bit of money by referring friends (the more friends the more money):

20,000 points, 20 accepted friend invites = R200 (ZAR)

32,000 points, 25 accepted friend invites = R250 (ZAR)

50000 points, 50 accepted friend invites = R500 (ZAR).