VALR Referral Code

The VALR crypto exchange platform offers a unique program dubbed the VALR referral program. This unique program offers incredible benefits to all traders who settle at the crypto exchange platform. We can safely say that a high number of traders who open accounts at VALR do so hoping to benefit in one way or the other from the VALR referral program. Traders ought to note that the referral program consists of two things that is, the rebates and the rewards. To better understand this and everything else about the VALR referral program as well as the VALR referral code, let’s get into the finer details.

What is the VALR Referral Code

The VALR referral code is a unique trader-specific code awarded to all traders who open an account at VALR. It is this code that gives traders access to the VALR referral program. The code comes in the form of a series of random letters and numbers. To access one’s referral code on the VALR platform, traders should log in to their accounts (or register an account if you don’t have one as yet). Once on the homepage, navigate to the header tab and click on your profile name on the top right corner of the screen. Afterwards, proceed to click on the ‘Referrals’ button to head over to the referrals page. Once on the referrals page, you can see your referral code. Once you get the referral code, all that’s left is to share the code with all your friends and family.

How Does the VALR Referral Code Work?

To better understand how the referral code works, we are going to divide this section into two parts. First, we are going to talk about traders who register an account without using a referral code and second, we will proceed to talk about traders who register an account using a referral code.

Registering an Account without a Code

When traders register an account without a code, they receive zero benefits. However, once they retrieve their referral code, they can share it with friends and if those friends proceed to use the link to join VALR, then the trader will start reaping some rewards. As soon as at least one of the trader’s friends registers an account using the code, the trader rises to Level 2. On Level 2, the trader receives a 15% rebate on trading costs. The rebate is paid in cash either in fiat currency or digital currency of one’s choice. The rebate comes with an upper limit of R1,500.00.

Registering an Account with a Code

When traders register an account with a referral code, they immediately reach Level 1. On Level 1, traders receive a 10% rebate on trading costs. When the trader retrieves his referral code and shares it with a friend who proceeds to register an account using the code, the trader moves to Level 2. On Level 2, the trader’s rebate increases to 15%. However, if the trader refers two or more sign-ups, the s/he skips Level 2 and proceeds straight to Level 3. On Level 3, the trader receives a 15% rebate and on top, a 10% discount. 

Rewards for Using the VALR Referral Code

Well, when it comes to the rewards for using the VALR referral code, all we can say is that traders stand a chance of winning incredible rebates and rewards.


The VALR referral program is a unique program that has endeared VALR with a lot of traders. It’s against this background that VALR’s stock is fast increasing on the global stage in general and South Africa in particular.